Coal mine reduces maintenance costs with pneumatic torque multipliers


The mining industry, which is a strong economic sector in Brazil in particular, requires high performance machinery to, among other things, crush, and process rocks and minerals. Some of these machines weigh several tons and are not always easily accessible for maintenance work. The machines which are in daily use also require regular and, above all, fast maintenance. Heavy vehicles such as excavators and dump trucks are also regularly needed on the construction site in quarries and mines. They also require regular and reliable maintenance and service.

JCA Soluções bolts in addition to conventional construction machinery such as excavators, dump trucks in the mining industry, also so-called shredders, and crushers, which are used for the processing and reduction of raw rock material.

In addition to the mining industry, JCA also uses our products in the steel industry.

Maintenance with the highest safety precautions is an extremely complex routine process and requires highest concentration, as well as the right tools.

For the maintenance of a shredder, for example, highest power and precision was required. This was achieved with the alkitronic® EF 4000. The client was one of the largest steel construction companies in Brazil.



Whether electric, battery-driven, or hydraulic torque multipliers, alkitronic® offers the right tool for every application, thanks to its wide and specialized product range.

For bolting applications on excavators and heavy construction machinery in the mining and steel industry, highest precision and safety is required. For this reason the electric torque multiplier EFCip and the battery-driven torque multiplier EAF are the preferred tools.

Bolting with the battery-driven torque multiplier EAF is precise and safe. The alkitronic® multipliers are particularly suitable for use in confined spaces. The maintenance-free and low-wear brushless synchronous motor allows numerous boltings in sequence.

Due to its angled construction, the electric torque multiplier alkitronic® ECWip is also suitable for working in confined spaces, such as mines or steel mills. This torque multiplier can also be used on all international power grids and does not require a great deal of checking during use. This again leads to time savings.

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