World champion of height in wind assembly

The highest wind power plant in the world and this even within the unique “Naturstromspeicher” (engl. green energy storage facility) in Gaildorf: When installing the wind turbines in this innovative pilot project, Max Bögl used the electric torque multiplier EF 300 Plus by alkitronic. The tool is easy to handle and even bolts difficult to access are no problem. So, the rotor blades could be optimally tightened.


With over 6,000 highly qualified employees and an annual turnover of more than 1.65 billion euros, Max Bögl is one of the largest construction, technology and service companies in the German construction industry. Since 2010, the group has been active in the field of wind energy through its subsidiary Max Bögl Wind AG. Meanwhile it has become the market leader in manufacturing, delivering and installing hybrid towers. Naturspeicher GmbH, a subsidiary of the Max Bögl Group, is responsible for the pilot project of the green energy storage facility in Gaildorf.


The idea of a worldwide unique power plant (called “Naturstromspeicher”) was developed by Max Bögl in 2011. Electricity generation and electricity storage would be combined in an innovative way. In addition to the highest wind turbine in the world, with a hub height of 178 meters and a total height of 246.5 meters, three more wind turbines and a pumped storage power plant were built.

The main challenge in wind installation is to tighten the 104 bolts per wing with a pre torque of 550 Nm plus 180 degrees in the rotor housing where space is restricted.


“We use the alkitronic EF 300 Plus for several applications. In the green energy storage facility we mainly used it to tighten the rotor blades. Since it is small and easy to handle, it is very well suited for bolting connections in confined spaces”, explains Thomas Schott, site manager of Max Bögl Wind AG.

With the electric torque multiplier, bolting connections can be executed much faster compared to hydraulic systems. Furthermore, no displacement of the pumps and hydraulic hoses is necessary. This mobility plays a decisive role, especially in cramped conditions in the rotor housing. The torque/angle procedure made it possible to tighten all 1248 bolts of the four wind turbines with a torque of 550 Nm plus 180 degrees.

The pilot project in Gaildorf makes a contribution to the declared energy goal of emission-free power generation by 2050 and is an investment in our common future. Therefore, it will be supported by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation Building and Nuclear Safety with 7.15 million euros. As part of the pilot project green energy storage facility, the long-lasting, robust, reliable EF 300 Plus electric torque multiplier once again proved itself in wind installation. The rotor blades of the wind turbines are optimally bolted.


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