Electric Torque Multipliers

alkitronic®’s electric torque multipliers are specifically designed for use where high torques, fast operating speed, high precision, or a high number of joints are required. They are especially effective for turbo-assembly applications, or for the use in the production environments. The protection class IP54 shields the tools against moisture and dust. The different models cover torque output from 100 Nm to 45,000 Nm. Our electronic torque tools utilise patent pending motor technology and control software to give unprecedented joint control. The low-maintenance brushless motors of the electric powered torque multipliers keep the cost of ownership down while the built-in controllers reduce training time and errors by the operator.

alkitronic®: Inventor of the electric torque multiplier

In the early 1980s, company founder Albert Kipfelsberger invented the “electric torque multiplier”. Since that time, he has added many advantageous features not found in the old hydraulic torque wrenches, i.e. continuous, fast rotating instead of slow ratcheting operation; greater accuracy by adjusting the torque more precisely; a more reliable technology; lower running costs.

Benefits of alkitronic®'s electric torque multipliers

Electric Torque Multipliers by alkitronic®: