Electric torque multipliers/torque wrenches and battery driven torque multipliers/torque wrenches by alkitronic

Battery Driven Torque Multipliers

You’d like to tighten bolts precisely with state-of-the-art technology even without steady power supply? Use our new battery powered torque multiplier, the alkitronic EA. Work flexibly wherever you are and choose from torques between 90 and 4,000 Nm (65 to 2,950 lbf ft). During development, we aimed to equip the torque multiplier with supreme performance: Two 18V 5,2 Ah Lithium-Ion battery packs ensure up to 360 screw joints in a row at maximum load*. The innovative brushless synchronous motor reliably attains the exact shut-off torque even at low battery levels.

With two gears and a great range of preset torques the alkitronic EA achieves mobility, flexibility and efficiency while working. The fast gear for run down provides short fastening cycles, the power gear stands for highest torques and precision.

Due to its compact design, the torque multiplier can be handled comfortably even in limited space. Furthermore, it impresses by its low running costs: The low-wear brushless synchronous motor is maintenance free. On top of that, the alkitronic EA is more than just user-friendly: Its low weight and ergonomic design preserve your health. As noise emissions are very low, additional measures for occupational safety are redundant.

Benefits of our battery drive torque multiplier EA

  • Driven by a brushless motor: The EA reaches torques very precisely and efficient. This also applies when battery is low.
  • Efficient, no down time: The brushless motor is robust, maintenance free and increases flexibility with up to 22 adjustable torque values
  • Bolt nuts without end: The powerful 18V 5.2Ah battery reaches up to 180 boltings per battery charge. We also deliver a second battery pack with the multiplier.
  • Gentle and intelligent energy system: The charger cools battery packs while charging. Moreover, an electronic steering system protects accu cells from deep discharge and overcharging.
  • Extremely quick loading process: 1h 45 min for 100% battery performance - no interruption of workflow
  • Two gear drive: The force gear provides maximum torque, whereas the speed gear saves time.

Battery Driven Torque Multipliers by alkitronic: