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Hydraulic Pumps

Keeping a market expectations mindset, alkitronic is setting a new standard for hydraulic pumps with continuous development at the highest standards and quality. Alkitronic hydraulic pumps are designed for high reliability and efficiency.

hydraulic pumps with electric or pneumatic drive provide fast operating speed, reliability, and safety. They are designed for permanent operation. Our hydraulic pumps are designed for safe operation in explosion prone area. The electric driven pumps are protected against rain, splash water and dust deposit (protection art IP 54); this prevents costly downtime.

alkitronic offers hydraulic pumps that help our customers meet their industrial and mobile application needs. alkitronic almost serves every industry in manufacturing and technology applications such as power and environmental engineering, offshore engineering and transportation technology.

High Speed 24/7 with alkitronic Hydraulic Pumps

The innovative drive of the alkitronic electric hydraulic pumps is powered by a maintenance-free, brushless, low-wear, synchronous motor. When changing from the power stroke to the idle stroke, the alkitronic drive changes only the rotation direction and thus does not overheat the hydraulic oil. This patented alkitronic control system eliminates trouble prone magnetic valves and is, therefore, excellent for continuous operation.

Benefits of Hydraulic Units by alkitronic

  • High working speed, short set-up times. Can connect up to four hydraulic torque tools to speed up and increase productivity.
  • Simple and ergonomic remote control for working convenience and distance safety.
  • High precision (± 3%) through all pressure ranges by exactly adapted oil flow rate.
  • Manual or automatic operation with ergonomic remote control for convenience and safety.
  • Air cooling, robust, compact design, low weight. The housing design ensures optimum heat dissipation.
  • Flexible bolting applications. Compatible with nearly all hydraulic torque wrenches, independent of cylinder size and torque range.
  • alkitronic Nova: Delivered in “Multibox” equipped with eyelets and handles, certified for crane transport.

Hydraulic units by alkitronic:

NOVA - the fastest hydraulic pump
VELOX - electric driven hydraulic unit
LEVA - electric driven hydraulic unit