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Hydraulic wrench resp. hydraulic wrenches H-AX by alkitronic

Hydraulic Torque Wrench (H-AX)


  • Hydraulic torque wrenches with two hydraulic hose system for tightening or loosening heavy bolt connections.
  • alkitronic H-AX convertible type torque wrench up to 49,240 Nm. Drive element with interchangeable hexagon link from 17 to 145 mm.


  • Simple handling and low weight.
  • Economic construction with few single components.
  • High efficiency with minimum maintenance requirements and low costs.
  • Hard-wearing, ergonomically shaped housing design, made of high strength aluminum alloy.
  • alkitronic H-AX: Highly flexible due to simple, fast changing of the hexagon links. Trouble-free without affecting the torque accuracy by lateral force.

alkitronic specials

  • Convenient, secure and reliable individually pivoting joint couplings (360°). Capable of withstanding up to 4x higher maximum operating pressure.
  • Robust ratchet with fine teeth for high torque accuracy and a max. stroke of 28°.
  • Constructive precise guided drive element.
  • alkitronic AX Developed for applications in restricted space and difficult to access areas: Drive element and hexagon link in line, extremely flat and flush design.

Specifications: Important for the exact reproduction of specific torque values: pressure of a maximum of 700 bar. High repeatability: +/- 3%.

Product information: For a fast and reliable operation of the hydraulic wrenches, we recommend our alkitronic NOVA hydraulic pump. 700 bar max. pressure, can be used wordwide in all power grids (100-253 V / 45-66 Hz).