Hydraulic wrench resp. hydraulic wrenches by alkitronic

Hydraulic Wrenches

Hydraulic wrenches fit perfectly when heavy bolting connections with large threads need to be tightened with high forces in areas difficult to access. They are also suitable for operation in explosion-prone areas. Fast hydraulic pumps speed up the work flow and thus save time and money.

Benefits of hydraulic wrenches by alkitronic

For certain industrial bolting applications hydraulic wrenches are the first choice due to application demands. For instance, they fit perfectly where bolting connections lie in restricted and difficult to access areas.

Product features of our wrenches and pumps:

  • Extremely flat design of the drive element enables safe and accurate fastening even in position difficult to access.
  • Due to trouble-free reaction, torque accuracy is achieved without interference by lateral forces.
  • Fast and simple changing of the hexagon link ensures flexibility.
  • The hydraulic pumps are extremely robust and cater for high work rates. 
  • The pumps NOVA and VELOX can be used worldwide in all power grids.

Hydraulic wrenches by alkitronic: