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Manual torque wrenches by alkitronic (also called torque wrench)

Manual Torque Multipliers

alkitronic manual torque multipliers replace impact spanners, pipe extensions and other inadequate bolting methods. They provide energy-independent, precise, reliable tightening and loosening bolting connections. Torques from 200 up to 50.000 Nm. No additional power supply required to reach accurate torque. They are particularly effective for maintenance purposes, and for use in hazardous, explosion-risk areas.

Benefits of manual torque multipliers by alkitronic

In general, the manual torque tools by alkitronic cannot be compared to conventional manual torque wrenches or "torque spanners". Alkitronic manual torque tools are very robust and technically perfect i.e.: a precision anti wind-up ratchet prevents a backwind when turning.  Feel the difference!

  • High on-the-job work safety
  • Low energy input, accurate transfer to high torque
  • anti-wind-up precision ratchet allows efficient operation with very short movements and short assembly time
  • Robust power gears, manufactured using a high-precision chipless process, satisfy the highest operation requirements
  • The integrated shearing pin protects against input overload

Manual Torque Multipliers by alkitronic:

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