Manual torque wrenches series M by alkitronic



  • alkitronic M manual torque multiplier - for precise and energy independent tightening and loosening of heavy-duty bolting connections.
  • Torques from 200 Nm up to 50000 Nm.
  • Applicable in explosion-prone areas.
  • alkitronic M provides safe, economic and  reliable operation. The tool replaces impact wrenches and spanners, pipe extensions and other insufficient methods.


  • Maintenance-free, compact and robust design. Alkitronic M tools improve on-the job safety and enable short assembly times.
  • Low energy input - precise torque transfer.
  • Integrated anti wind-up ratchet allows jobs to be performed easily, efficiently and safely.

alkitronic specials

  • The components of the alkitronic power gears are manufactured in a high-precision chipless process  which ensures the highest possible operational demands upon lowest wear.
  • The shearing pin built into the drive shaft protects against input overload.