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Mounting-Documentation-System by alkitronic


The alkitronic mounting documentation systems are designed for the alkitronic manual torque multipliers (HSD), the battery operated (EASD), and the pneumatic (CLSD) torque multipliers. They minimize the risks of incorrect bolt connections, provide a correct, complete, and fast collection of torque data, increase productivity, and reduce maintenance costs.

The alkitronic mounting documentation systems help to fulfill legal regulations, to improve internal quality management, and to provide documentation for the end user. In addition the alkitronic mounting documentation system increases work safety thanks to frequent tightening process monitoring.

NEW: Process safety due to new information technology 4.0

The manual sensor torque multiplier alkitronic HSD provides, for example, torque-controlled tightening and measurement data directly on the bolt. With this system both torque and angle of rotation can be set manually on site to quickly and simply document the applied torque.

The complete tightening process is documented by data transmission via Bluetooth interface which communicates with mobile phones and other devices. The specially developed alkitronic App for the most common mobile operating systems guarantees a platform-independent data exchange with CSV files. Time-consuming manual documentation is thus no longer necessary.

Benefits of the alkitronic App:

  • self-explanatory, multilingual, menu-guided, simple operation
  • for use in combination with alkitronic HSD, EASD and CLSD tools
  • easy handling and user-friendly design
  • control function and compliance with international quality standards


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