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Pneumatic torque multipliers resp. pneumatic torque wrenches by alkitronic

Pneumatic Torque Multipliers

Pneumatic torque multipliers by alkitronic are vastly superior to conventional pneumatic powered wrenches. Our pneumatic torque multipliers do not “strike” (unlike conventional “impact wrenches”), but rotate continuously. Therefore they provide greater torque accuracy, higher performance, more reliable technology, less need for repairs, and lower running costs. Upon request, we also provide ATEX rated tools for use in hazardous areas.

Benefits of pneumatic torque multipliers by alkitronic

  • Higher joint quality than impact or hydraulic wrenches
  • Robust, long-lasting aluminum housing and compact design
  • Durable high performance gears that ensure fast operational speeds
  • A simple one-finger rocker switch for easier, more comfortable operation
  • Tools designed for safety in explosion-prone areas
  • Optional: Noise reduction filters, 2-speed tools for even faster rundowns and assembly, etc.

Pneumatic Torque Multipliers by alkitronic: