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Pneumatic torque multipliers/torque wrenches series CLD/L by alkitronic

Pneumatic Torque Multiplier (CLD/L)


  • Pneumatic torque multipliers for torques up to 1,900 Nm
  • Continuous rotation tightening or loosening of all heavy duty fastening connections
  • Perfect for bolted applications in hazardous, explosive environment


  • Quick, compact, and safe for fast joint assembly
  • The 360 degree rotating handle ensures comfortable operation. No reaction forces are transferred to the operator
  • Permanently higher joint quality (compared to impact and hydraulic wrenches) by continually rotating bolting

alkitronic specials

  • Simple 1-finger operation for right/left rotation, option to enable the reaction to be locked in one position
  • Robust cast aluminum housing with proven pneumatic drive
  • Proven high-performance gears, produced in a chip-free, high-precision process to produce high loads with low wear
  • Optional silencer levels to reduce the noise from the motor exhaust on request