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Torque multiplier/torque wrench manufacturer alkitronic presents: Thread cleaner

Thread Cleaner (EAB/CLB)


  • alkitronic Thread Cleaner is available battery-operated or air-power driven for cleaning bolts, screws, and nuts thoroughly.
  • Important warning: Soiled or corroded threads prevent accurate torque values.
  • Universal application fields - inspection work and machine construction in general: automobile industry, construction industry, mining & metallurgical industry, chemical industry, maintenance industry, power stations, shipyards; heavy industry construction, steel skeleton construction; heavy goods transportation, public utilities, supplies.


  • Avoids high-cost, messy, labor intensive conventional working methods.
  • Interchangeable brass or steel brushes make cleaning bolts of various sizes easier.
  • Secure, fastconstant damage-free cleaning of bolt surfaces.
  • Efficient metal-fatigue free operation.
  • The battery-operated thread cleaner (EAB) is handy and always ready for use. Also convenient for working in limited spaces without a power supply.

alkitronic Specials

  • Air-powered thread cleaner (CLB): Simple 1-finger operation for right/or left rotation.
  • Robust motor housing from cast aluminum, with proven pneumatic drive.
  • Battery operated thread cleaner (EAB): low weight and has an ergonomic design. No noise protection necessary. High performance: Two lithium-ion battery packs ensure a large number of cleaning cycles.