Food and Beverage

In the food and beverage sector, perfect hygiene and faultless machinery are essential. Very often the plate heat exchangers used in these sectors have to be maintained, serviced, repaired, and fastened together tightly. To ensure a trouble-free production process, reliable tools are crucial. 

alkitronic® has therefore designed torque multipliers especially for use in plate heat exchangers.

Speed and reliability

Plate heat exchangers are used in a variety of fields, particularly those involved in heating or cooling fluids. Thus, saving time when loosening and tightening heavy bolt connections is essential. 

alkitronic® electric or pneumatic torque multipliers are designed to save customers’ time during maintenance. They offer continuous rotation, tightening or loosening heavy bolt connections with large spindles or long threads. 

The right gear for your application

alkitronic® torque multipliers for plate heat exchangers are available with two different gear systems. Depending on the side from which your heat exchanger is accessed, we offer a solution to fit your needs. The radial gearing (R) with high performance worm drive is suitable for lateral bolting and requires a little more space; the gear and multiplier form one unit.

The tangential gearing (SG) with highly efficient spur gear is the ideal solution for frontal tightening, when space is restricted. The advantage is that the multiplier can also be used for other applications independently of the gear.

Advantages at a glance

Various applications

For more than ten years, the Tetra Pak Processing Systems B.V. company has used alkitronic® radial multipliers for the maintenance of their plate heat exchangers. Read about the well-known Tetra-Pak system in connection with alkitronic® tools here!

alkitronic® products are also used in Swiss coffee machines. Read more here!