Steel Construction

Permanent strain, but also load and temperature fluctuations, present special challenges for the joining qualities of screws and bolts on steel structures, e.g., bridges, large buildings, masts, and pylons.

In addition the EU has introduced new, specified, uniform European and harmonized standards for steel constructions and completely new standards and requirements for bolted connections.

Whatever effect these changes may have on your operations, with alkitronic® products you are ready to handle and meet these new requirements and specifications. 

Dialogue to the perfect solution

You face the application challenge. We have the expertise and experience to advise you. Together we will find the perfect solution for your requirements.

With alkitronic® as your system partner, we will together collaborate at the highest technical level: We will examine tightening and bolting for your steel construction, including calibration and documentation. We know your facility type and its applications. We can provide you with the right tool package for all your requirements. Our high level of service always leads to long-lasting partnerships. Check us out! Just inquire!

The right procedures

The EU updated standards require higher joint quality. The previously used torque pre-tightening procedure (according to DIN-18800) was standard for attaining the proper, specified pre-tightening forces as a control value.

The combination of pre-fastening torque and the target value of assembly torque was basically a function of the friction. For this, the simple torque procedure was insufficient: Much better is the torque / angle procedure (combined procedure according to DIN EN 1090-2). Since this reduces the influence of friction considerably.

Advantages at a glance

Your applications

Working speed, easy handling, precision in restricted space, technical specifications and requirements all influence how you select the right tool for your needs. alkitronic® will provide you with the right solution to meet any challenge. 

Electrical or rechargeable battery-driven power torque multipliers of the series EC and EB provide simultaneous optimum precision, high speeds, and easy handling. In restricted spaces, the alkitronic EC-A and the EAW with its angled gear and reduced size are the first choice. In case of extremely tight spots and difficult to access areas, we recommend the alkitronic® H-AS-/H-AX hydraulic wrenches.

Application of the combined torque procedure

For pre-tightening, now or in the future, according to EN 1090-2, using the combined torque procedure, alkitronic® EF-S/-A models offer you the perfect modular software solution. They provide everything for tightening procedures. For example, toque / angle fastening or amending documentation. This is available as an additional option on the new models. In addition we have factory solutions for the required torque values and high precision settings required for high quality bolting and screwing. With alkitronic® EC-S/-A, you will always be compliant with all required standards and ready for all future challenges.