Wind Energy

Wind power systems are exposed to extreme environmental stress. Enormous weight must be supported at great height, with absolute reliability. High precision fastening methods are crucial for both success and safety in dangerous conditions and extreme weather. alkitronic® is your skilled, experienced partner providing you with complete system solutions for all wind power systems fixing and fastening. 

Of course, alkitronic® products are also used widely in conventional power plants and in utilities and energy supply systems.

The driving force for wind power

We know your applications and tightening requirements. We provide you with skilled, experienced consultancy services, a wide product spectrum and assembly instruction documentation. alkitronic® has a programme to meet all your requirements on and off shore.

Working, quick as the wind

Whether for production, assembly, or maintenance, when fastening wind power components, the perfect work result depends on the best suitable tightening method. Because of the breadth and depth of the universal alkitronic® program, you will never have to compromise speed, precision, efficiency, or productivity.

In addition to our system consultancy services, we have electric, hydraulic, and manual torque multipliers and wrenches in our product range. Therefore you will find the best tool for every conceivable application without being restricted to a single technology. Our tool performance has a unique alkitronic® quality: made in Germany.

Advantages at a glance

Various applications

Many alkitronic® products have been successfully used in the wind energy industry. For example, the company Perle Industrieservice, Emsbueren, Germany, considers the energy-independent manual torque multiplier alkitronic® HG “a classic” when working in the tower. No hoses, no cables, high torque values, a compact design, a robust and long-lasting gear inside! These are the reasons why Perle Industrieservices and many other domestic and international companies rely on alkitronic® HG for inspecting and checking tower screws and bolts. 

Please read our references to find out more about the application of alkitronic® products in the wind energy sector.