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Multiplicadores de par eléctricos serie Leva Bombas hidráulicas



  • The alkitronic LEVA is a robust, powerful, electric driven hydraulic pump.
  • Small, low weight, reliable - ideal for service use.
  • Simple operation, continuously adjustable up to 700 bar.
  • Trouble-free operation on the 230 V main grids as well as on voltagecontrolled mobile generators.


  • Flexible bolting applications: Compatible with almost all hydraulic torque wrenches, regardless of cylinder size and torque range.
  • High precision through all pressure ranges, defined by precisely adapted oil flow rate.
  • Simple operating remote control for ergonomic working. 2-button operation for start / advance stroke with automatic return stroke and stop function.
  • Rapid pressure relief of the system via a manual solenoid valve.
  • Pump design with very low heat generation. Oil level control with continuous analog temperature display.

alkitronic specials

  • Modular, clear assembly structure for cost-saving parts exchange.
  • Sturdy profile frame for stability and transport security.
  • Significant increase in efficiency thanks to extremely short training period.